In difference to usual PDO Threads, the Happylift Threads are longer, thicker and consist of Polylactid-caprolacton, which is
non – allergic.

Those features make the Happylift treatment superior to any other PDO Treatment, as with fewer threads a larger treatment area can be treated, the lifting effect is much stronger with better longevity of the result (3 – 5 years).Generally, the thread disappears 12/15 months after the implant, but the lifting effect will not disappear after this period thanks to the fibrotic reaction induced by the barbs.
Once inserted into the sub dermis, the barbs gather the skin producing fibrosis necessary to provide new support scaffolding for the soft facial tissues, that lift and hold them in place. As a result, a refreshed look and a better facial contour are visible
just immediately after the procedure.

One can choose between 3 different kinds of Threads:

Double Needle

Double Needle gives superior results when used for an Eye Brow Lift or Chin Lift e.g..
Double Needle is a bi-directional convergent barbed thread which allows a quick, mini-invasive and natural approach
to the problem of moderate saggy tissues without the necessity of a scalpel. Double Needle threads, available both
in a permanent and absorbable version, are to be inserted into the sub dermis without the help of a spinal needle, as they have non-traumatic straight twin driver needles attached to both ends. Due to this particular structure, surgeons can realize those pathways they could never make with spinal needles, such as semi-circular or loop paths that guarantee more effective
gathering and compacting of the tissue, consequentially allowing an enhancement of volume. The implant procedure results
faster to perform, with a significant reduction of the operation time and a better post-operatory recovery for the patient. By using
Double Needle it is also easier to position the two halves of the thread in a precise way; this allows an absolute symmetrical result for a correct distribution of the tissue’s weight on both halves of the thread.

Free Floating

This kind of thread is used for the lifting of the cheeks with a spinal canula.
The procedure is fast, safe and easy to perform. It does not require any incision on the skin as the Free Floating threads are inserted through a long spinal needle injected into the subcutaneous tissue under local anaesthesia. Free Floating sutures have little bidirectional convergent cogs. When the threads are inserted under the skin, the cogs open and gather into the surrounding
tissues, creating a supporting structure for soft tissues of the face, thus preventing any shifting of the thread.


These cogs very manufactured for the application on the body such as upper arms, upper legs and the belly or for soft rejuvenating lifting.